Hi, sorry for not posting in so long. I haven’t been feeling up to it in the past few weeks.

This week, I was going to write something about what’s happening in Israel. But what can I say? No matter what the world chooses to focus on (Ironic note that the phrase anti-Semitic, while usually used to refer to Jews, also can refer to many other ethnic groups, including Arabs), the fact is that we are facing a tragedy.

Some people take a ‘he started it, he hit me back’ tone. Some say that Israel is murdering civilians. Some say that Israel has suffered enough and has a right to defend itself.

Some are pro-Israel to an extreme. Some are anti-Israel to the point of violence and false reports. Rarely is there a news story without a bias, regardless of what way it is slanted.

But that’s not what matters. What matters is that a war is being fought. No longer just some rockets on either side- with the ground assault, and the number of casualties rising every day, people are now considering it a war.

What matters is that every day, people are dying. Israel has only suffered 3 civilian deaths (to the best of my knowledge), but each one of those people matters as an individual. Soldiers, Israeli soldiers, some as young as 19, are dying to defend their land. There are also the Palestinian deaths, countless, many of them civilians. They may be our enemies, but they are also Hashem’s creations.

It is the nine days. We are clearly seeing the affect our treatment of each other can have on the world. It is time for the little wars to stop- for us to treat each other as equals, and as the beloved children of G-d.

Please, let’s end this war together. SoldierSoldierSoldierSoldier429648485_aea32f9724_b