Hey everybody,

This is going to be a mega-short post because I have school tomorrow (only 18 more days…!) but I wanted to say hello to you all since it seems that no one else has been blogging recently!
So here at YALDAH, we recently celebrated Shavuos, so we had a little break from working. Now we’re all back on track, finishing the summer issue and beginning to work in earnest on the fall issue. I can tell it’s going to be a really great issue; our amazing Editorial Board is doing a marvelous job ;)
We’re also working hard on finishing up the new book, One is Not a Lonely Number, by our very own Evelyn Krieger! As we speak, the book is due to be released in just 28 days, 23 hours, 18 minutes, and 31 seconds… 30… 29… okay, you get what I mean :) You can watch the countdown yourself at www.oneisnotalonelynumber.com! On that site, you’ll also find loads of other fun stuff to keep you busy until the book comes out: a video, author’s biography, an excerpt from the book, and some brand new reviews! I can’t wait for you all to read it this summer! (Great thing to look forward to after school ends…) If you didn’t order it yet, make sure to go to the website so you can be one of the first to own the book!
Oh, I did say this was going to be short. Well, that’s what’s happening at YALDAH. I’m trying to finish up 11th grade, in the meantime! There was a beautiful Hachnasas Sefer Torah (bringing a new Torah scroll into a synagogue when the writing of the Torah is completed) here in Milwaukee today. Watching the crowds of Jews escort the Torah to its new place in the Yeshiva, in streets blocked off by the police special for the event… it just made me feel so lucky to be a Jew! It’s amazing how people from all over the country came together and, just because we’re Jewish, we all accept each other and celebrate this kind of occasion together. It reminds me that that’s what we’re all about here at YALDAH. We’re all different Jewish girls, different ages, different backgrounds, different countries even, but we’re all sisters and part of the same unit. A thought to think about ;)
Okay, I really do have to go to bed!
Have a wonderful night!
P.S. listening to L’muronon by Shira Chadasha Boys Choir on the album Achakeh Loi. It’s a really good album… well, I like it, at any rate :)