I’m going to take the liberty of posting even though I’m not really staff anymore.
Nechama beat me to it, but I just wanted to say how nice it was to see people from YALDAH, both old-timers and new editorial board girls who will hopefully be involved for many years, last night at Leah’s wedding. I saw some girls who I haven’t been in contact with since I was 11 and on the editorial board – like Raizy Sessel, who got married a few weeks ago, and Talya Wasserman. I kind of thought that nobody grew up except for me, but what do you know, everybody else grew up too… You mean Raizy’s not 14 anymore and didn’t just work with me on that article about moving last week? :)
I heard more than one person saying, “This is the nicest, most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been at.” And I agree – you could feel the sheer happiness in the air as everyone danced at the wedding of the most beloved magazine publisher in the world.
I couldn’t stop thinking about (and saying out loud!) how awesome it was to have the whole world in Sharon. There were people from every part of Leah’s life – her old school, her high school, Sharon, her family, her seminary, and of course, JGR and YALDAH.
JGR and YALDAH took over, as we tend to do at weddings, and cheered for Leah – “Vote for Leah, Leah, vote for Leah…” and chanted JGR songs. And yes, 30 girls joined us for a really fun reunion meal. Tables 1, 2, 3, 3 1/2, and 4, thanks for joining us. :) It was great to see you all. Thanks to Nechama for posting pictures.
Today’s my birthday and I want to give you all a bracha that you should continue to be a source of inspiration and bring joy to your surroundings and to everyone around you, and be able to see G-d’s hand in your life and find meaning in everything you do. May you be a living example of YALDAH’s message and know that you, as a Jewish girl, have the power to do anything. May we meet in Yerushalayim for the next YALDAH wedding speedily in our days!

Love, Chavie

ps. In honor of Leah’s wedding, can we have some resurfacing of both bloggers and commenters? Let’s hear from you all.