Hi, everyone!

This will have to be a short post ’cause I have school tomorrow (well, I did today too but so what?).
I’m listening to a song from the CD called “English Classics”. It’s a bunch of English – you guessed it – classics from the years and it’s great.
Well, let’s see. What’s happening here?
– I also got the fall issue and I’m having a blast showing it off to everybody!
– I’m waiting excitedly for everyone to start sending me their Editorial Board applications which are due on the last day of 2009!
– The winter issue is starting to gather speed as we start gathering articles and other things… make sure to send your answers to discussion, JustAsk, and stuff for Reader Gallery if you want them to be in this issue!
and by the way, in case you’re wondering, I’d like to tell you that when they say that 11th grade is the worst… they’re right. I mean, they say it’s the hardest academically, but I’m going to say right now that it’s the hardest busy-wise! I feel like I have no time for anything! (Don’t look at the time on this post…)
So now you know my feelings on that. I’m back to school from Sukkos, as I mentioned. My younger siblings go back tomorrow and my brothers go back to Yeshiva on Thursday. I guess vacation is over. Next week is Rosh Chodesh Chesvan already. But don’t worry, Cheshvan isn’t that boring because it’s my birthday!! Yay!
Ok, I guess I really should head off to bed.
Remember to appreciate elementary school and vacation while you have them (separately of course).
I must end off with telling you that Simchas Torah is amazing and I love it and the dancing and singing is sooo amazing! You see, at my shul, our Rabbi (R’ Twerski of Milwaukee) has 2 Hakafos that he dances a special dance to a special niggun while all the men stand around singing and clapping… and then there’s the regular dancing, and everyone is so happy… and it’s soooooo cool!
K, the song changed – that means it’s getting late.
Layla Tov!
(Good night ;))