How’s it going? I haven’t posted anything in soooo long! Not good. Bad Tali. We’re going to have to figure out ways to fix that. Maybe I’ll take blogging lessons from Meira.

How were all your summers? Mine was nice, BH. It was very quiet, but yeah know sometimes quiet can be a good thing. Quiet also means you have no excuses for not posting on the YALDAH blog! But I did get to read a number of submissions this summer, and you guys blow me away every time. I was particularly impressed by how many girls sent in their personal essays for Heart to Heart. I love that new feature, and I hope you guys all do to. So, SUBMIT! There are so many opportunities within YALDAH to be heard- pick one and take advantage. Plus, how cool is it to see your thoughts printed in a real magazine?

I wanted to share with you guys an experience I had the other day. I was taking a walk on this trail by my house. It’s a really quiet, pretty little place where you meet old ladies power walking, and lots and lots of dogs. Anyway, the sky was really cloudy, the air was really humid (it’s always humid where I live), and it looked like  it was going to rain any second. As I started walking home, an older lady said hi to me, asked what my dog’s name was, and told me that she hoped I wouldn’t get caught in the rain. I smiled at her and nodded, and then as I was walking away called back “but if I do- what’s more fun than walking in the rain?” Now, it happens to be that I love the rain. But it got me thinking. Why isn’t that our attitude towards everything in life? I’d rather not be in this situation- I’d rather not have to go through this difficult thing in my life, but if I do get stuck in it- what’s more fun than walking in the rain? Life is so much more fun and fulfilling when we look at things through positive lenses. Have you ever head the quote “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain.” It’s on my wall actually. But it’s so, so true. Yes, I wanted to get home before the rain started, but if I was destined to be stuck outside- it’s really not all that bad.

When’s a time that you “danced in the rain,” and made the best of a seemingly bad situation? Leave your answers in the comments! I’d love to hear your stories. G-D willing I hope to start posting more frequently so keep your eyes open!

Have a WONDERFUL week, and happy Labor Day!


P.S. I know this is Nechama’s thing, but I thought I’d let you know I’m listening to Yaakov Shwekey’s “Vehi Sheamda.” LOVE!