Sara our mother, our matriarch, our leader
Her beauty would shine from inside to out
A big role model from her there is so much we can learn
The seeds of kindness in the world from her did sprout

As a little girl she was called Yiscah
“Yiscah” means “to see”; it refers to two things
One the sight that she had of divine inspiration
And second her beauty, her jewelry, her rings

Divine inspiration is something that she herself did see
It was something just for her, it was a spiritual sight
But on the contrary her beauty was something seen by all
Especially her beauty of kindness was a light shining bright

Even when little she was definitely not a girl following her heart
But she was a very special women following her soul
She didn’t see all the physical things that easily trick us
Oh no – all she saw was her very important goal

The name Yiscah shows us that Sara was superior to Avraham
In the fact that she was a Prophetess from birth
Hashem spoke to Sara directly unlike other Prophets
Because to Hashem, millions she was worth

For the most part of Sara’s special life she was called a special name
She was called “Sarai,” which means “my princess”
Like a princess she was known for her kindness and love
And her hospitality towards her many guests

Another reason for her name Sarai, my princess
Was because she acted as a loving mother to all
And even in our days as the Rambam writes
Sara, for all Geirim, – “mother” they can call

Sara experienced many miracles but there are a famous three
Her Challah, her candles, and her tent
And when she passed on those miracles were not
To Yitzchak’s wife Rivkah, Hashem did present

Her delicious challah dough stayed fresh from week to week
Which by miracle later happened to the Lechem Hapanim bread
Her candles stayed lit for weeks in a row
And over her tent a special Shechina cloud was spread

At a very old age, when Sara turned ninety
From Sarai to Sara Hashem changed her name
For her it took ninety years of working and searching
Until as a princess she ignited her flame

And it was only when Hashem changed Sara’s name
That her happiest day ever came to be
She gave birth to her only son Yitzchok
Hashem finally answered her plea

When Sara passed on she was one hundred twenty-seven
And the Torah writes that in an interesting way
To show us how innocent, how beautiful, how wise
Her legacy still strongly lives on today


— Mushka Newman
Beis Rebbe
Los Angeles, California, USA