Hi everyone!

I realized that this blog looks like it belongs to a boring organization. No one’s updated in forever! But YALDAH is by no means a boring organization. It’s always happening!
We’re working on getting you the fall issue (sorry for the delay!), but we hope you enjoyed our Yom Kippur mini-issue before Yom Kippur. We’re also looking ahead to the next few issues.
The YALDAH website got a new makeover, too! Check it out: www.yaldah.com.
YALDAH is in the process of launching a really exciting Jewish Girls Unite program, which you can check out at www.yaldah.com.
The school year started, too! Seriously, I can’t believe no one’s posted since my post in August! I’m a senior; what grade are you in?
The most exciting news of all, too: We have a new editor! Her name is Lena Greenberg! She’s awesome, believe me ;)
Anyway, I feel really bad that we haven’t gotten you the fall issue yet… here’s a sneak preview at the cover (above). There’s also some great new features, as we always like to bring you something new in honor of our birthday, this year being our 6th!
So really I’m supposed to be getting ready for Yom Tov (I am, I am, really!). Considering I have off of school, and my mom’s at work, that’s my job now :) So have a wonderful, amazing day and a beautiful, absolutely delightful Sukkos. I’m so excited!! Are you?! [I love Sukkos sooo much!]
Oh, what am I listening to? Actually, this really great album we just got (just came around 2 weeks ago) called Shalsheles V! It’s amazing! This song is called Hinei Anochi. I really love Shalsheles’s music. Check it out at www.mostlymusic.com. We featured Shalsheles in YALDAH rather recently, actually. Check out the article in Issue #22, winter 2009.
Okee doke, I’m off to get ready for Yom Tov!!
Kol Tuv, (way of saying goodbye; literally means ‘all good’)
Nechama! :)