Hi Everyone! I feel like I’ve been a little out of touch after spending a year in Israel, but now I’m back on this side of the world and back to work at full force. I wish I could give you all a description of what my year in Israel was like, but I think that needs its own blog. We havea great article on visiting Israel coming up in the Summer issue, plus highlights of my photos in Israel. So what’s been going on at YALDAH?
First of all, before I left Israel, I had the opportunity to meet one of our old Editorial Board Members, Nechama Shira Maor. Nechama Shira’s family moved from Detroit to Israel three years ago. It was great to be able to spend my last free Friday afternoon in Israel having lunch in the central bus station with Nechama Shira.

Saying good-bye to Israel and all the friends I made in seminary was hard. I flew straight to NY and stopped off in NY for a night for my good friend’s wedding. The next morning I flew home and right away began preparing for the One Is Not A Lonely Number book launch that night! It was the first time I actually got to see the books in print, which was very cool. Here are some photos from the book launch — thank you to everyone who came in Sharon or online. Stay tuned for future book-signings and events by visiting www.OneIsNotALonelyNumber.com.

Since I got home, I’ve been working together with Mary, our graphic designer, to finish up the Summer issue. For a number of reasons it got delayed, and we know how eager you are to get it. We’re going everything we can to get it to your mailboxes ASAP! As I type, the finishing touches are being put on and it should be at the printer in around an hour. Here’s the cover:
This summer and next year I’ll be working intensively to grow our subscriber list. Getting more subscribers is the key to making YALDAH continue to exist and grow. Do you know a girl who would like YALDAH? Make sure to spread the word!

Have a great summer! And if you still don’t have plans, we have a few spots left at our annual Jewish Girls Retreat (July 21 – August 11). I’d love you to join us! visit www.JewishGirlsRetreat.net for more info.

Leah :-)