Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t been able to update you lately but that’s because I’m in Israel! I’ll try to fit everything in a short little update. I’m in seminary in Tzfat and loving it! I love the classes, the programs, the friends…and of course just being in Israel! I don’t have any ‘official’ job at YALDAH while I’m here, which is very weird for me. It’s the first time in five years! But I’m still busy communicating with our staff members and making sure everything gets done. I have to say that our staff has been doing an incredible job, and already got the fall issue out while I was here. Every issue of YALDAH is a huge job, but the Fall issue even had 16 extra pages, and they managed beautifully!
I spent Sukkos in Yerushalayim with friends which was an incredible experience as well. I went jeeping, toured the Yerushalayim water tunnels, took a 6-hour tour of Yerushalayim, the Kotel tunnels, and of course spent a lot of time at the Kotel and the Old City. Some days I had free to daven and learn at the Kotel and explore the Old City. It was such an incredible place to be during Sukkos, with so many different types of Jews from all over the world gathered together.One of the benefits of running YALDAH is that I get to make friends all over the world. Israel is no exception! When I needed a place to stay for Sukkos I called up Editorial Board member Leah Turner and right away she was able to find me and my friends places to stay in her community. It was great to finally meet Leah in person!

Last week I also got to meet another previous YALDAH staff member – Talya Wasserman! Talya was on the first Editorial Board and was Editorial Board Coordinator for the second Editorial Board. Talya is also in Seminary in Israel, and it was such a treat to be able to meet up with her.
I’m so excited that the YALDAH Year is available and would love to hear your feedback. I can’t wait for the other books to come out! I know the book websites aren’t running yet, but stay tuned, they should be up any day now.
Hope to meet up with each and every one of you in Yerushalayim with Moshiach now!
Leah :-)

Hello from Israel!
Me & friends at the Kotel
Me & Talya Wasserman
Me & Leah Turner
Learning with friends in the Old City

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