It’s cold outside. Very cold. And while you probably haven’t encountered 14-inch snowdrifts yet (unless you live in Alaska or Canada, like some of our bloggers), there have been frosty nights and windy days. That means that most of the plants in the garden are dead. Very dead. So, let’s take a look at some edible plants growing inside!



These plants are growing on my windowsill, under a grow light. Plants need a LOT of light to grow, and outside is much brighter than inside. So either grow your plants in a sunroom (well, sunrooms are really cold right now, but over the summer, maybe?) or some other room with a lot of windows, or get a grow light.

On the left is purple basil. I like the color, and it’s really easy to grow. On the right is cilantro. It is in need of water, but it’s still alive.

The mint I tried to grow earlier is not included in this picture, since it did not sprout. I will try again soon either with some other herb (thyme sounds good!) or mint again.

Making an indoor herb garden is easy! You just need to plant herb seeds, not necessarily following the spacing instructions on the seed packet, in small pots filled with potting soil. Water them every day, give them lots of light, and they will sprout and grow and grow. Take pieces as needed and use them in your cooking!

Good luck with your herbs and see you next week!