Hey girls!

What’s up? Over here, it’s the heat. Everyone’s like, “This heat is unbearable!” And I’m like, “Well, no wonder you can’t bear it – you live in Quebec.” Know what I mean? This normally frozen climate is hotter than Arizona. Today, I was talking to my teacher, “Madame, you know, Montreal is either boiling or freezing. Normal temperature is really rare.” So she started telling me all about the ozone layer and global warming. It was actually quite interesting:)

But I’m not complaing :)  The good news is that I said good bye to my boots and coat last week – hopefully for good. Well, hopefully until Autumn. Lag B’Omer is always HOT, but this year I kind of thought it wouldn’t be hot enough to broil my skin. Hence, I forgot to put on my sunscreen. Now, I usually put on a moisturizer with SPF in the mornings (even in the winter), but I guess it was hectic enough for me to forget. But a miracle happened. Yup, it was very warm :) And I came home with a totally burned face and neck. Not such a miracle cuz I burn super easily, I guess.

Anyways, so I came home with this crazy red face. What to do?

Bring on the Water. What do you do when a fire brews up anywhere? You pour on the salt, baking soda or… water. For immediate relief, dunk some water (but stay away from freezing water) on that nasty burn. Hopefully, it will bring down the swelling. As for the baking soda, mix it with vinegar to form a paste, apply and sleep on it.

Hello, Vera! Apply some aloe vera. You could either use a piece of the actual plant, or the gel. Apply about 3-4 times daily. My bubby brought us the gel from the Dead Sea. It was heaven! And totally brought the burn after a few applications. Thanks, bubby:)

Call Angela. What in the world? Calendula, you funny! This is awesome stuff. It “regenerates the burnt skin and reduces the appearance of scar.” Well, it works!

A Cure For All Illness. Guess. Well, guess again. You got it! Turmeric! Known for its inflammation and pain healing properties, turmeric is something to add to your nightly cup of warm milk.

What do potatoes have to do with this? Apply the peel of a boiled potato. Yup! Try it. It’s meant to keep infection at bay and help with the initial healing.

Burnt your tongue? Try salt! Gargle it a few times every few hours and you’re good to go!

Well, that’s my two cents (or nickels – the cent is out) for the day.

Enjoy the heat!