Summer is here!  Whether you are going to camp, in camp, or just relaxing at home, there is certainly a lot of  time to grab a snack and enjoy! With this knowledge, I decided to give you a different kind of post this week to kick off your summer!

Up until now I’ve been giving everyone a share of my sweet tooth, by posting different kinds of delicious recipes!   Furthermore, at this time of year, almost everyone I know is stocking up with all different kinds of good tasting candies, to nosh on at any given time! To disappoint most of you,, I’m not gonna post a type pastries like  I usually do. Rather, I’m gonna give you some helpful tips and healthy foods (when some people hear the word ‘healthy’ they assume that the food is ‘not tasty’.You know like the whole wheat and sugar less foods that no one likes to much. Your wrong this time!  I find these snacks I’m about to post, much tastier than candy.) to keep you in shape, so you can enjoy this summer to the fullest extent!

Tip #1!

Just like you  have a lot af time to nosh, there is also a lot of time to exercise! People usually eat when they are bored, so if you use that boring time to go and work out rather then eat, you will save yourself a lots of calories!

Tip #2!

Summer is a time of starting habits! During the school year, most people (especially high school students) find it hard to get into an exercise routine because there is a lot of school work. During the summer, there is a lot of time at hand. Instead of using this time to start an eating habit, use it to start an exercising habit! Once  you get into a habit, it’s hard to break, so use the time to start a healthy habit that will last you through the year.

Tip #3!

Avoiding nosh is hard, especially when your friends are enjoying it! My advice to you is to allow yourself some nosh, but stop yourself before you end up eating a lot! Do this by taking the food on a smaller plate, or only one handful instead of two!  Taking smaller quantities at a time is much more tedious , because you have to go up again and again. If you are strong and stick to this advice instead of giving up, you will enjoy the food, but won’t harm yourself by eating too much!

Tip #4!

Add healthy snacks to the party! It is common  for girls to open a can of Israeli pickels, baby corn, hearts of palm etc., and share them with everyone! You be the one to do that! The closer healthy but tasty is to you, the more likely you are to eat it!

Lastly, here are some healthy snack recipes that will add flavor to your summer! These ideas were compiled from an article in the Shoshanim Magazine!

  1. Cut up a mix of fruit that you like, and dip them in your favorite yogurt ( with granola crumbled on top, if you want)! Enjoy!
  2. Make a trail mix! Shake a combination of different kind of nuts, cereals, and dried fruits, and whatever else you are in the mood for!
  3. Rice cakes with different spreads on it ( jam, peanut butter,  melted cheese, cream cheese, etc.)!
  4. Homemade popcorn! Low in fat and very filling!
  5. Chewy oatmeal raisin cookies…all the healthy things you need, in a cookie’s deliciousness!
  6. Colorful veggie sticks: cut celery, carrots, peppers, or cucumbers into sticks and munch on them plain. These can get very addictive!


I hope you have an enjoyable, relaxing, and healthy summer! ;)

-Malka Bettoun

P.S. For more professional information on this topic, visit the health and beauty blog by Tonni! I certainly used her blog as a source!