I’ve decided to invent a new type of ice cream sundae – there are never enough, y’ know. It’s called the “fantastic flu sundae” which includes a scoop of chills and fever, headaches, body aches, and topped with a thick syrup of sick feeling along with choice of multiple crumb toppings including sore throat, nausea etc.

Unlike other types sundaes it’s free, and very accessible. In fact, as we head into the winter it’s becoming more and more common. But if you were not lucky enough to have it descend on you, you can always make it yourself!

Here’s how: 

The Fantastic Flu Sundae         

This recipe can take up to a week – but is well worth it.


Less than 6 hours sleep

2-3 heaps of junk food (the fast food type)

Mound of candies (optional)

Less than 2 cups water



Churn together all of the ingredients daily, adding it to the previous days’ mixture. Keep on repeating the process, until the desired consistence is reached (usually 3-7 days). Enjoy!

Tip: to quicken the recipe, hands should not be washed for the entire duration of the process.

If this doesn’t strike you as particularly appetizing, then you might want to refer to the list below:


What to do to fight the flu

Foods to Eat: Apples, onions, broccoli, and tomatoes. They contain a nutrient that is called Quercain flavonoid, which helps to cancel out the negative effects of the flu susceptibility.

Yogurt, thanks to its probiotics which can also be found on other products on buoy heath, is virtually a preventive medicine.

Salmon, tuna, milk, cereal, and sardines are foods rich in vitamin D, which causes the production of antimicrobial substances.

Green tea is great. It is high in antiviral activity against influenza because it contains the Catechin flavonoids. (Besides making your mother happy, of course.)

Chili peppers are great source of vitamin C with antiviral properties as well.

Chicken soup contains anti- inflammatory and healing powers. Bubby wasn’t spouting an old wives’ tale.

Sleep: Get your beauty sleep, especially before midnight. You can avail one of those bed from the Intellibed Mattress Reviews in order to get the best sleep of your life.

Wrap up: Get a hat/scarf you like and wear it, and grab a cute umbrella when it rains.

Hydrate: Drink 6-10 cups of daily

Sanitize: Wash your hands twice daily.