Hi there!

I’m going to be out of the loop for a while (bc I’m going to camp) so here’s a few summer updates:

  • The Yaldah cover photo contest deadline is July 15. The winner gets her winning picture on the cover and 10 copies of the September issue.
  • The June issue was sent out this week! Keep an eye on your mailbox!
  • Our photographers and illustrators are starting to work on the October issue. Submissions for the issue will be compiled during the summer so make sure to send in all your submissions to submit@yaldah.com.
  • Make sure to go to yaldah.com this summer to check out 30 different activities to do. There’s 1 activity posted daily Sunday-Thursday, starting this Thursday. Can’t wait to see your feedback on the activities.
  • There will not be a “To be continued…” in the weekly until August 10. Because of that, our August 10 issue will have a  super-long continuation. Submit a “To be continued…” by noon on August 9. Send your continuations to meira@yaldah.com. You may submit even if your submission was used before. The previous parts are on yaldah.com for you to read.

Have an awesome summer!

Have a good Shabbos!