hey guys!
i think im continuing my ‘just about every two weeks’ pattern with posting.
Except i dont really have so much to say. So I’ll talk about Channukah. Charlie Harary has an amazing video on aish.com about greatness. Basically, he talks about how greatness is overcoming a challenge that you have.
Here’s my take on it: the thing about a challenge is that basically you can’t do it! It’s not physically possible! But you have to make an effort, and G-d helps you accomplish or overcome the obstacle! It’s like the maccabees-they were so small but they made an effort to fight and G-d helped them win!
Another point he made was that greatness is not about what other ppl think. It’s not about winning awards or being famous or things like that. Being great is about you (and G-d) and becoming the best you that you can be.

So this Channukah, lets try to achieve some greatness!

Have a freilichen (happy) Channukah!


P.S. For those of you going on JGR, have fun!
P.P.S. Have you applied for the editorial board yet?