Hashgacha Pratis writing contest!

Hashgacha Pratis means divine providence. A time when you see Hashem’s helping hand guiding you along. When did you clearly see Hashem’s helping hand in your life?

Deadline: Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Here’s how it works-

There will be three separate ways to submit a piece to the contest:
1. Fiction- the story has to be 400-700 words
2. Non-fiction- this is a story that happened to you/someone you know. Length- 300-700 words
3. Poetry- either fiction or non-fiction. Length- 100- 400 words

There will be a winner and a runner up for each of the three categories.
We are looking for original and genuine pieces.

All pieces should be submitted to jewishgirlsunite@gmail.com
Please note- all submissions become the property of JGU for future publication.

Good luck!