A story about Hashem’s unconditional love
Where He helped me not be afraid from the sky up above
I was swimming in camp, having so much fun
Then I saw the tube container and ran to get a big one
It will be so much fun
The lifeguard let me go to the deep end
To have so much fun and play with my friends
We were having so much fun in the big, deep pool
And the lifeguard told us that there is one minute left, that’s the rule
Everyone started to rush out of the pool
I was far from the end and wanted to leave it
So I started swimming and I was cold so I went to my towel retrieve it
And someone bumped into me and pushed me down, down, down, into the water
I could not believe it
I got so scared
Of drowning I feared
Then I thought about Hashem and his special protection
When I thought about it it gave me a no-fear injection
Then suddenly I went up in a backfloat
But the word ”help” was stuck in my throat
And suddenly the word came out
With all my might, “Help!!” I shout
Suddenly, I was in someone’s arms
It was the lifeguard who heard my screams and jumped in alarm
Then I thought about my trust in Hashem that I had
And that I gave my worries to him
I smiled a smile I had never smiled
In so very many years
When I was so scared and let go of my fears
So, dear girls, listen to me and trust in Hashem
Then you will feel no fear, just like me, then