When things happen and we don’t understand the reason, it is because G-d’s ways are hidden from our view. What may seem terrible is really all for a good purpose. This is called Hashgacha Protis – Divine Providence. It is our choice to maintain a positive attitude and go along with Hashem’s plan knowing that Hashem is good and is the master of the world.

Sometimes we don’t see the full picture – only Hashem does – and we have to just act out our part – do our part and hope that we will see the complete picture one day. The incidents which led to Esther becoming queen seemed quite natural. But they were, like everything in life, Divine Providence, Hashem’s way of putting together an intricate puzzle. It can take years to see the completed picture of Hashem’s puzzle.

How many years did it take for Mordechai and Esther to see the complete picture? About 12 years.