Once there was a girl named Dina

And she was so excited

Walking to her friend’s house

To where she was invited

As she she was walking

Her beautiful watch

Fell on to to the ground in a puddle with splotch

Unaware of what happened she continued on her way

And didn’t realize what happened until the end of the day

When she saw what happened she was devastated

And she was so sad that she started to cry

Her mommy told her not to worry

And from crying so much her eyes were blurry

“Ok” said Dina through her tears

She hadn’t ever been this sad in many years

A few hours later her friend Layla was walking down the street

Going to the store to buy something to eat

When she was almost there she tripped on her leg

She said “ouch!” and thought she had tripped on an egg

When she looked down she was utterly shocked

That she hadn’t tripped on an egg or a rock

She had tripped on her friend’s favorite watch

The one that had fell to the ground with a splotch

What mitzvah did she have now? Hashavas aveida

To return her friend’s watch that had time data

Dina was ecstatic, she thanked her so much

You did a  huge mitzvah

I’m very touched

So from the story you should learn how to act

To return lost objects even if it looks like only  a raggedy sack