By: Chaiky Backman

People tell me I complain too much,

They tell me that I’m always sad

That I should stop being so depressed,

My life isn’t really that bad


They say I should be happy with what I have

And be grateful for all that I have been given

I have way too many blessings to count

Even though sometimes they might seem hidden


They tell me it can’t hurt to smile

That I’m to pessimistic towards everything

That laughter is the best medicine

And that being angry isn’t going to help anything


They say I shouldn’t let one thing that goes wrong

Ruin my opportunity

To live my life to its fullest

Not to waste it, but to live it usefully


They tell me that even though my life seems bad

There is always someone who has less

However bad, my own life feels

There’s always someone who has more stress.


They say that next time I want to cry

Or I just want to complain

I should turn my frown upside down

And just go dance in the rain!