I would like to share a short Purim Lesson taught by my dear father, Rabbi Azriel Yitzchok Wasserman O”BM. He was known for celebrating Purim with great joy!

It is a Mitzvah on Purim to drink to the point where one no longer recognizes the distinction between cursed Haman and blessed Mordechai.

What does this mean?
We tend to evaluate our lives as good (Baruch Mordechai) or bad (Arur Haman). On Purim, we are given the power to strengthen our perception of everything in our lives as all coming from the goodness of the infinite ONE above. So instead of allowing ourselves to become sad, depressed, angry or consumed with negative emotions, we can become uplifted by all of the good in our lives. We get a glimpse into the true reality of our existence – that all is good. We break the small mindedness and perceive the underlying reality. Deep down every Jew knows in their heart that nothing else but G-d exists and that every thing in our lives is Baruch Mordechai – truly good!

Let’s continue the Purim joy into Shabbos and breakthrough all barriers!
May we see all the good revealed in our lives!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my baby boy, Baruch Mordechai who just turned 1 on 11 ADAR!

If you will be in California next Sunday, March 15, 2015 – Please join us at the Shine your Light Celebration in Irvine CA. (See flyer below)

Lchaim U’levracha!