Hi everyone! I know I’ve gotten lots of requests for a new post, sorry it’s taken so long. Well, right now I’m in FLORIDA at my Aunt & Unlce’s house for Pesach (Passover)!! I’m really enjoying the warm weather even though we just got in this evening so we didn’t get to see much of it yet. I’m enjoying my cousins too ;-). I can’t tell you much about the status of the spring issue besides for that it HAS been sent out and keep your eyes open-I’m excited to see it too! Patience, my friend…Besides for that…hm…what else is new? We started putting up our Moshiach Contest winners and entries online-I got through the poems but didn’t have a chance to put the essays up yet. Check them out at www.geocities.com/leah_yaldah/contest.html.
We’re hard at work on the summer issue now, although I think I’ll have a bit of a break for Pesach. There is still a bit longer to get the early-bird discount for our Jewish Girls Retreat, so if you haven’t registered yet make sure to register today! www.jewishgirlsretreat.com

Wishing you and your families a kosher & happy Passover!
Leah :-)