Hey there!
How are you? I feel really bad. I told you guys in my last post that I’d tell you as soon as I got my YALDAH. Well I got it that Shabbos and… I pushed it off a little :P But I did get it and it looks great! I’m so impressed with this issue. What’s your favorite feature in the fall issue?
Tonight is the first night of Chanuka- I LOVE Chanuka. There’s just something about it that really makes you smile. Anyway, my teacher was telling us that she and her husband have the custom to say a different short dvar torah every night of Chanuka, so I thought I’d bring that to the YALDAH blog. That should give it some life! Haha I almost just wrote light. Shows how into Chanuka I am.
My teacher (same one)told us today one of the divrei torah her husband says every year. She said that if after you light the Chanuka candles one goes out, you don’t have to relight. This shows us that the end result doesn’t matter as much as the effort we put in. Even if it looks like it didn’t work out in the end- the candle didn’t light- Hashem sees that you tried and you get the credit and reward for just doing that. We shouldn’t get discouraged when things don’t work out the first time. How does that saying go? If you fail the first time try try try again.
What area do you want to try harder in?
Happy Chanuka everyone!