Hey everyone!

No one else mentioned it so I guess I will…
It’s the Jewish month of happiness, fun, dressing up in costumes, and going crazy… so it seems. Of course, the underlying message of Adar is one of hope, a time when Hashem (G-d) clearly showed the Hashgacha Pratis/Divine Providence that He is always leading us with. Click here to see a video depicting the Purim story with… Lego, of all things! :)
Anyway, on the YALDAH front… the writers’ deadline for the summer issue has already passed, and now our illustrators and photographers are working hard to add even more to the already great articles for YOU, our readers :)
My school’s Purim Chagigah (party) is tonight. (after this post: I was going to dress up as a YALDAH person… but in the end I was a CD player. But that works, right? :))
Have an amazing night and all… ;)
P.S. I’m not listening to anything right now so I’m not telling you what I’m listening to!