Running stitch:

This is the most common hand-sewing stitch. It is good for basting (temporary stitches) and gathering (the bigger stitches), but it isn’t the best for sewing fabric together.

How to: To make this stitch, make big stitches that aren’t too big. Bring the needle up from the wrong side and down to the right side. Be careful not to go over stitches you have already made. Make sure the stitches form as straight a line as possible



This stitch is great for normal sewing like sewing fabric together and mending something. The stitches are tight and secure.

How to: To make the back stitch bring the needle up from the wrong side and down through the right side going back over part of your last stitch. You want the stitches to form a straight line.


The simple project

What you need: Thread, an 18 x 9 inch rectangle of fabric. one inch of velcro (top and bottom)

Try these cool stiches out with a simple project.

Cut an 18 inch by 9 inch rectangle of fabric or felt. Fold the fabric in half right sides together. On one side do the running stich as small as you can. On the other side use the back stitch. Turn right side out and glue velcro to top opening. This makes a great gift bag. You can make it bigger and add straps. and it makes a cute purse. Sew another side, stuff it and its a little pillow.


Stay tuned next week for a cool new project: A gored skirt