Hi again, everybody!

First of all – somebody commented on Penina’s post and asked how anyone besides Leah can post. So – basically, Leah has set it up now that the staff members can also post to keep the blog more interesting. (You weren’t actually bored before, were you? Just kidding…)
The summer issue has been published!! I heard a rumor that the Editorial Board worked really hard on this amazing issue, so enjoy it! (Forgive me – am I allowed to start a rumor?!)
Anyway, aside from that, school’s over! I’m halfway through high school and it is sooo exciting! So now I have lots and lots of time to work on YALDAH. In fact, today was the writers’ deadline for the fall issue.
I’ll give you a little BTS if you’re interested –
You see, the way it works, is that there’s a deadline a lot of months before the issue comes out (about now for the fall issue) for writers, fun pages, recipe, craft, etc. Then in a couple of weeks is photographers’ and illustrators’. Then a bit after that is fashion page deadline, because we want to bring you the most recent fashion. Then, the issue goes for editing, to the printer… and eventually to your mailbox!
Ok, that’s all for my behind the scenes at the moment.
You know the Mishna (verse) in Pirkei Avos (Ethics of the Fathers – part of the Oral Torah) that says “Hayom Katzeir V’hamlacha Merubah” – “The day is short and the work is a lot”? So, that’s the song that just came on on my computer. Hey, good idea! Are you interested in music? Sorry, being the Music Notes writer, I can’t keep quiet about it – so I’ll tell you what I’m listening to. So, as I was saying, my music is on random and that’s the song that came on. The singer is Shea Rubenstein and the album is called “Ohavti”. You should definitely get it! (www.mostlymusic.com)
Well – so I’m going to listen to the message in this song, which is called “Tick Tock” (you get why, right? Time is ticking!) and get off the computer and go to bed, ’cause it’s a tiny bit late… (remember that I’m in the central time zone!)
I forgot to mention earlier, but feel free to contact me at nechama@yaldahmagazine.com… with questions, feedback, to talk, ideas for articles or Music Notes… anything – I’m open!
Have an amazing summer… :)