Hey everyone!

I think it’s time for some beauty, what do you think? With my cousin’s bar mitzvah past and a wedding and bar mitzvah to go (Thank G-d), I’m in the mood for evening hairstyles. So hair we go…

Curly locks. Want to just lock your hair into curls? You’re more than welcome to do so. It’s nice and quite a classic. The good news is all you need is a good curling iron and hairspray. Have a bob? There’s no stopping you. You don’t need super-long hair to do this! The bad news is that some hair is just too straight to get a good curl. On to the next!

Straight as a ruler. Okay… not exactly. Straight hair is sharp, straightforward and looks beautiful. You can do it a few days before and it’ll keep. Do it yourself or have your sister do it. Found a cute headpiece? Stick it in and make it yours!

Half up, half down. Want to pin your hair up but still like the idea of free curls? This is totally yours! It’s basically a half-a-pony with curls coming out. You can spice it up with two braids which meet and intertwine. Gorgeous!

At the nape. I love this and find it quite classy. It helps that it can take minutes to do – literally. It’s basically a bun at the nape of your neck. You can spruce it up by curling the hairs framing my face. The best part of this is it can easily hide any glaring knots. If you want, you can pair it with a skinny headband. And you are done!

Braid it up! You thought braids were just for the rustic countryside, didn’t you? Well, we obviously don’t! A super cute way of wearing this is to make a french braid along your forehead (kind of like a headband). And voila!

Don’t forget the up-do! Let yourself go with this one. It can be as simple as a twist or as complicated as a whole knotty do complete with height and small flowers. Whatever you do, make sure it’s you.

Have fun with your hair!

Let me know what you’ve done.