By Maital Ledder, based on lessons by Mrs. Tzirel Liba Miztmann.

When I’m sifting the flour I sift out all the bad parts in me. All of my bad middos, my negative feelings and my avairos.

Salt- With the salt you can’t use too much and you can’t use too little. So too, please Hashem help me and my family stay within the proper borders of halachah, hashkafah etc.

Yeast- in Hebrew yeast is שמרים. And the shoresh is שמר. Hashem is the guardian (“shomeir”)of klal Yisrael. Please Hashem watch over us and protect me, my family and all of klal yisrael.

Water- Water is the only ingredient that can be eaten in large quantities; you can drink it pure like the Torah. Hashem please unite us; help us to have unity with everyone.

Eggs- eggs have a top part and a bottom part. Up and down. Please Hashem that we’ll only have the ups in life, just the ups, only Simchos!
Also, while I’m checking the eggs for blood spots I can also check myself, do a chesbon nefesh. What did I do right today? What did I do wrong? Think about it and fix what need to be fixed next time.

Honey- Hashem please sweeten the harsh judgement against us. Help everyone to just have revealed good in their lives!

Oil- oil represents wealth. We can daven for a wealth of Torah, emunah, health, parnassah- that we should be givers to others. A wealth of da’as- knowledge.

While we’re kneading the dough, you can “kvetch” it out! Punch, punch, punch, tell everything to Hashem. Hashem is the only one who has the recipe of our lives, He is the one who orchestrates everything.

Then say- !לכבוד שבת קודש