Hi Everybody!

Do you ever feel like planting something but you just don’t know how to do it? Well, here is a fun and easy project that can just sit on your windowsill inside or outside your house!

What you need:

– a box, 5 by 12 inches (or however big your windowsill at home is)

–  planting soil or good dir

–  seeds or flowers of any kind

–  a watering can and water

–  hooks to put up your flower box

– nails, or super glue to hang up the hooks

Okay, so let’s start. First, you have to put the super glue on the back of the hooks and stick it down onto your window sill, hold it for ten seconds. Wait 30-45 minutes for the glue to dry fully. While you are waiting, you can start planting the seeds.

First, you have to put the dirt in the box and pat it down. Then, make little holes in the dirt with your pinky finger or a skinny stick. Afterwards, you stick 1-2 seeds in each hole. Put dirt on top and pat it down again. Water the seeds. Put the box on the hooks and make sure it’s sturdy so it won’t fall.

Now, you will have a pretty flower box that you made by yourself! :)