Wow, it’s been busy! (Hence the gap in posting…)

I’m officially done with high school classes. Now I’m in the middle of exams, then comes graduation trip, graduation…and that’s it! I’m excited to graduate, but it’s a little sad to be leaving high school. High school has been a really amazing time for me. But of course I’m looking forward to learning in Israel next year!

There are also lots of exciting things happening in the summer. Right when I get back home from school, I’m flying out for the cover shoot with the winner of the ‘How YALDAH Impacted My Life’ contest. You’ll get to see photos and read about all the winners in the Fall issue of YALDAH and on our website. Stay tuned!

Also this summer is our first ever staff and editorial board Shabbaton! For a weekend in the summer girls who have been on the editorial board, as well as staff members, are joining together for a Shabbaton in Sharon, MA. We’ll brainstorm, have writing and art workshops, Shabbos meals, touring Boston, and time to just get to know each other in person! We have girls flying in from as far as Milwaukee, Chicago, and Maryland. Nechama Saltzman and Chavie Resnick are hard at work making plans and coordinating things, so everyone can have a good time.

We’re also working on finishing up the three YALDAH books that will be available in the Fall. They’re coming along really nicely…check out for updates.

The summer issue is being printed so you should have it soon! Keep checking the mailbox. And the exciting news is that in honor of our 5th birthday, starting from the Fall issue we’re adding lots of new features so each issue will be 64 pages instead of 48 (16 extra pages!).

And for the girl who commented in the previous post that she wants to read more about behind-the-scenes, stay tuned because the Fall issue will feature a tour of how and issue of YALDAH is made!

Hope you have a great end of the school year!