Motti is in love with the book “Goodnight Moon“. It’s a baby book that has about 10 pages and has cute little rhymes which makes Motti yell, “Hey! It’s Goodnight Moon!” every time he sees it. It’s cute how he goes everywhere with it, and sleeps with it, and eats with it, and talks to it, and laughs with it, and does just about everything with it.

I happened to find a really pretty moon this past week and said, ooh, that’s going on Yaldah! Many of these pictures were taken going about my daily life. Sometimes you have to wait for that OMG sunset to come, other times it’s there practically waiting for you to snap a picture of it! So keep your eye out for those gorgeous beauties ;) I also took a photo of milk in a cup with a pretty striped straw, guitar strings, and my sunset re-done.

If you want to take good pictures, you start off by taking your camera with you everywhere, just like our little Goodnight Moon book. You don’t want to miss that perfect shot while you’re busy oohing and aahing over it, if you know what I mean. It seriously does NOT matter if you have a point-and-shoot camera, or if  you have a DSLR, either way the first step to great pictures is keeping it with you. Don’t forget that- I’m counting on you. :)


FOTW: In Goodnight Moon, on the last page of the book, the mouse has eaten the “mush”. (Check the book if you don’t understand what I mean) ;)