If I could go back in time, I would. Or would I? Would you choose to?

You know those embarrassing situations, that you wish wouldn’t have happened, that you want to go back in time and change?  Like the time you said  “I love you,” to a random person, or addressed a thank-you card to the wrong teacher, or posted on WhatsApp a message that was, er, really not intended for the reader’s eyes. 
But what would life be like if we were constantly turning back the clock? Do you really think it would be an enjoyable one? Or would it be one that’s just stuck in the past? Do you really want to go back to sucking pacifiers all day, or live life in the present to the fullest, making past experiences learning curves for the future? Instead of thinking about the could-haves, should-haves and would-haves, just do it (like Nike)! Hashem gives us a new chance in every moment that He recreates us. Make the most of the present ones we’re in, and that lie ahead of us, rather than the past ones.
And yes, even if you may not get into the finals of the debating competition, who’s prophesizing that you won’t next year? And it doesn’t hurt to start practicing now for 2019 debating…
If you once said something that you’re kicking yourself for, don’t start wishing that the handles of the clock move anti-clockwise; you’re better off using your time to rectify what happened. You can use that experience to jumpstart the beginning of an even greater and better you. And why should we even be wasting our time on the past, when many amazing things await us, currently and soon?  For example, Yossi’s amazing pizza, the current freedom we have, and the upcoming trip to Canberra? Do you really want to miss out on these enjoyable activities?
Some people say that they want to go back in time to re-experience the good memories of the past. But honestly, don’t you think we can have just as much, if not more good times in the future? Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. And besides, going back in time isn’t even possible; it’s all just in theory…