Everyone has a goal. Most people don’t do things without a goal.


Fill this in…


You go on a diet to ____________.

You go to camp to ____________.

You go to the doctor to ____________.

You have a friend over to ____________.

You eat to  ____________.

You study for a test to ____________.


Now, I am going to ask a couple questions. This is to get your thinking process started…


Why do you dress the way you dress?

Do you dress differently in front of different people?

Are you going to be embarrassed if Moshiach (Masai) comes and you see all of our forefather and mothers and you are dressed the way you are?

Just a reminder, before going out the way you are dress, remember that you can meet anyone, anything can happen…

What is your goal of dressing the way you dress? To call for attention or are you doing it because that it how dignified people dress?


Just one more thing I feel is right to mention; Princess Kate is always dresses modestly, although she is not Jewish, she is dignified and that is the right way to dress- even in the modern world!


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