Hi everyone! I’m home on vacation again which means a lot is happening at YALDAH ;-)
The deadline for the ‘How YALDAH Impacted My Life’ contest was yesterday. I’m having a lot of fun looking through all the entries, but I’ll never be able to choose a winner since they’re all so good, so I’m leaving that job up to my mom.
I’m very excited for the release of our three books this Fall. I’m busy corresponding with authors, editing, doing page layout, and more. Teens can be a part of the upcoming Teen Talk book by visit www.yaldahmagazine.com/teens.html.
Our Editorial Board is busy finishing up their assignments for the Summer issue, and I’m enjoying reading them as they come in. For this issue we’re practicing how YALDAH will run when I’m away in Israel next year. So all the girls who are training for their jobs, are actually doing their jobs for this issue, with my guidance. This means that I actually have a bit more free time, which of course I manage to fill up with other YALDAH jobs.
We’ve finally sent out ALL our Pass it On Bracelets, so if you have one don’t forget to log in and pass it on!
This Sunday morning, I’m speaking for girls at Temple Sinai in Marblehead about going for your dreams. I’ll try to post photos afterwards. Then Monday night is our first YALDAH Unity Conference Call, which we have over 60 girls registered for, and 7 YALDAH readers speaking. E-mail info@yaldahmagazine.com and we’ll send you the conference call phone number and access code if you don’t have it yet.
Then my family and I will be headed to Florida for Pesach, which I’m really looking forward to! After two years in the Toronto snow I’m ready to see some palm trees!
Have a kosher & happy pesach and don’t forget to do the Once in 28 Year Mitzvah of Birkas Hachamah!
Leah :-)