Hey there everyone!

Emily beat me to it last week… I was going to post, but then she did. So then I figured I might as well wait a few days so there’d be less of a gap ’til next time someone posts…
Anyway, Emily really told you everything! As she said, we’re trying to get the last few pieces for the summer issue in before Pesach, and Boruch Hashem (thank G-d) it looks like that won’t be a problem. Cheers for the Editorial Board 2010!
Otherwise, I keep finding myself with less and less time to spend on the computer as Pesach approaches and the preparations speed up! How’s it going by you?
Well, I can’t wait for everyone to get the spring issue. In the meantime…
Happy cleaning and cooking!
P.S. I’m listening to an ancient Miami Boys Choir album called “One by One”. The song playing right now is called “Siman Tov.” It’s not even originally a CD. It used to be a tape! (Imagine that ;))