Hello all! This week, nothing interesting happened in the garden, so: Deer fence, and why aren’t the tomatoes happy?

First of all, the garden: As you can see, we have lots of baby plants: note, in particular, the watermelon. Also, there seems to be something wrong with our peas and tomatoes.


The bottom leaves are turning yellow. My dad bought a moisture sensor, and after using it, he believes that our soil is holding too much moisture and making the plants wilt. So, for now, all we water is the baby watermelons, because they’re smaller and need more water. Does anyone have any other ideas as to their problem? However, everything else is doing fine, and the cucumbers are starting to flower!

Also, we had the deer fence put up so the deer don’t come and eat our garden. They haven’t started to eat anything yet, but just to be on the safe side… A couple pictures:


It doesn’t look the best, but it’s too tall for deer to jump over. Note the two large tractor gates in the middle, and the smaller entry gate on the side.

Well, we have come to the end of this week’s rather short (for me!) post. Next week, there will probably be even more garden updates! Unless someone else has another idea. (Last week’s post was inspired by a reader.)