What you need:

1/2 yard of one fabric

1/4 yard of contrasting fabric or a fabric with a big pattern

matching thread

Wax paper or stabilizer

sheet of paper

To Make:

1.) Cut 2 8 1/2 x 14 inch rectangles out of the first fabric

2.) On a piece of paper draw a simple design, pin to 2nd fabric and cut our or cut out pattern from the second fabric.

3.) Place the cut out right side facing up on to the stabilizer and either iron according to the stabilizer’s directions or pin to wax paper right side up to the right side of one of the two rectangles

4.) Sew applique on to the rectangle with a thin zig zag stitch (Satin stitch) around the outside of the design

5.) Pin rectangles right sides together

6.) Sew a 3/4 inch seam along all four edges, leaving a 1 inch opening

7.) Unpin rectangles, clipped corners, and turn right side out.

8.) Close opening

9.) Use and enjoy!