Once upon a time there was a family by the name of Shmushkin. The Shmushkin family lived in Angersville for quite a few years now. They had 4 kids, Gila, Simcha, Layla and Mendel. Let me show you what a normal day in the Shmushkins house:

Mommy: Kids, I’m going out now and I expect you to behave very nicely.

Simcha: But mommy, you ALWAYS go somewhere, it’s not fair that you always leave us with an Ichy babysitter

Mommy: Uh uh Simcha, that’s not nice. Iv’e gotta go now or I’ll miss my appointment

Gila: But if you go we’ll miss you

Mendel: Yes, Gila and Simcha are right.

Layla: I don’t want you to go, Momeeeeeeeeee

Mommy: Omigosh! my apppointment is in to minutes, you are behaving like bad kids. Go to your room RIGHT NOW!

And so this is what the Shmushkins house looked like on a daily basis. The mother eventually got to leave and the kids gathered in their room. They were so angry at their mother and so they wanted to pull a prank on her. “I have and Idea!” said Layla. “Listen in. We are going to teach mommy a lesson that will make her never ever come home later again…………

QUESTION: Do you think that these kids are doing the right thing?

To be continued………………….