Hi everyone! Last Wednesday night I flew down to Fort Lauderdale to tape for a five-minute segment that will appear on the Balancing Act morning show. The Balancing Act is a talk show for women on Lifetime every morning from 7-8 AM. I’ll keep you posted about when my segment will appear!

I arrived in Florida late Wednesday night and just had time to check into the hotel with my mother and finish up some graphic design jobs before heading to sleep. The next morning my aunt brought over a delicious breakfast which we ate by the pool, before heading over to the studio.

We arrived at the studio at around 1:00 pm and had some time to look around. We met many of the people involved in producing the Balancing Act. You wouldn’t believe how many people it takes just to make a five minute segment — from producers, to makeup and hair to cameramen and interns.

We met with the author of Lead with Love, Gerry Czarnecki, who signed his book for us and had some great book promotion tips also. Then it was time for hair and makeup. It was a busy day at the studio because fitness guru, Denise Austin, was also filming her exercise segment of the show. We got to say hi to Denise while she was getting her hair done.

It took a few minutes for them to change from the fitness set to the talk show set, but it was just a matter of moving around cameras and lights. We also got a peek at the kitchen set! Here’s the set we were on:Then it was time to film! We went over the questions quickly with the host, Danielle Knox, and we were ready to roll! Danielle got to read her prompts from a screen behind the camera, and she even had an ear-piece so she could talk to the producer and get exact instructions on how the taping went! We only had to tape once, which means we didn’t make any mistakes.

Here we are after the show with Danielle (she’s already changed back into her casual clothes!)

Straight from the studio we took my mom to the airport, but I met my grandparents at the airport who drove me to Boynton Beach. I had a great Shabbos at my aunt’s house, relaxing and enjoying the warm weather and my cute cousins.

After Shabbos I spoke at a melaveh malkah for Bais Chaya High School. I spoke about my own dreams that have come true, life lessons I’ve learned, and how everyone can make their dreams come true. I got to chat with the girls afterwards and answer more questions about how I balance school and YALDAH, what’s in each issue, and how to subscribe. They also enjoyed their free hot-pink YALDAH pencils! I don’t have any photos from the melaveh malkah yet, but once I do I’ll make sure to post them.

I flew back to New York on Sunday and got back to my school work. What’s the excitement of today? Our “Eight Days, Eight Sales” campaign which starts tomorrow! Make sure to check our our daily sales between now and Chanukah.

Happy Chanukah!

Leah :-)