Step 1: Pull hair back with your pointer fingers, as if you were going to wear your hair half up/half down.


Step 2: Split gathered hair into two sections


Step 3: Pull a chunk of hair from section two; this will be piece three for the time being.

Step 4: Cross piece three over section two.


Step 5: Join piece three with section one. Piece three is also now section one.


Step 6: Pull a chunk of hair out from section one; this will be piece four for the time being.


Step 7: Cross piece four over section one.


Step 8: Join piece four with section two. Piece four is also now section two.

Step 9: Hold both sections one and two in your left hand. Using your right pointer finger pull a chunk of hair up from the right side of your head from the hair hanging down; as if you are pulling hair to french braid.
Step 10: Cross this new piece over section two.


Step 11: Join this new, crossed piece with section one.

Step 12: Repeat steps nine through eleven, only hold sections one and two in your right hand and using your left pointer finger pull a chunk of hair from the left side of your head from the hair hanging down; as if you were french braiding.

Step 13: Pull sections one and two away from each other as if you were tightening a pony tail. (Don’t worry about the end result being too tight. This kind of braid always finds its way to become loose.)


Step 14: Keep repeating steps nine through thirteen and tightening until you can’t pull any more hair hanging down and tighten.


Step 15: Just like in the beginning of the tutorial you are going to pull a chunk of hair out of section two, only from the back/underside of section two.


Step 16: Cross this new piece of hair over section two.

Step 17: Join the new piece of crossed hair with section one.
Step 18: Repeat steps fifteen through seventeen only pull the piece of hair out of the back/underside of section one. Cross over the new piece over section one and join it with section two.


HERE IS A TIP! Make sure to keep tightening the braid, otherwise it will fall too much

Step 19: Continue fishtail all the way down and secure with a pony tail holder.

Step 20: Towards the bottom of the fishtail braid where you stopped pulling pieces from the hair that was hanging down may be a little too loose. Using bobby pins clean up any loose hairs that you want tucked in.

Credits to (Taken from the following website)