DSC03043 My thoughts were “swimming” when I learned of this month’s theme: fish!DSC03039 How does one take a picture of fish? When you are looking at the ocean water,you cannot always see them, but in an aquarium and some rivers they are easy to see. It is not always easy to see whether a fish is Kosher when you are looking from a 
distance. Shellfish are fairly easy to see. However, fish without scales are not always easy to see from afar.

The fish in the ocean intrigue me the most. There, they dwell in their natural habitats. When you admire the ocean from a pier, the ocean almost seems to glitter DSC02226with the abundance of sea life.  When fish work together, their families (or schools) can survive the rough waves of the ocean without anyone getting lost or left behind.

Just like fish, we are also stronger when we work togetherDSC02323. Together, we can survive even the most challenging obstacles. Even the most difficult scientific conundrum, is not too difficult to comprehend when we learn together. Cooperation helps us to meet and exceed any goal.