Just a quick shot I snapped as my dad bought a bouquet for an event, and layed out the flowers on the car dashboard.

Hey Yaldah readers!

   So I’m new here to the whole Yaldah blogging experience, and I cant wait to start! As you know, since youre on this page, I’m running the photography blog. I’ve just been accepted to my DREAM high school, Dreyfoos School of the Arts, and ill be majoring in photography, learning all about developing film, managing editing and Photoshop, etc. I’m excited to learn about Photoshop because its just so confusing! I’ve tried to teach myself the ropes……….. and that didn’t really work out for me. However, I do use this fantastic website called http://www.picmonkey.com . I like to think of it as a “dumbed-down” version of Photoshop. I taught myself pretty much everything I know from this website. If you’re into editing and adding pretty cool effects to your photos, I recommend PicMonkey!!
    A lot of my friends ask me if I can edit some of their photos, and I’ll always say, “sure! No problem, just send me the photo and I’ll get right to it.” Sometimes doing this gets a little frustrating, because their photo isn’t always the best quality. Something I always tell myself when I’m editing is, if the photo itself isn’t good, or it has low resolution, bad quality, etc., my editing job won’t turn out that good. You need to be working with a good photo when you’re editing! Now I know what some of you may be thinking– “I don’t have a good camera!” Truth be told, you don’t need one of those crazy expensive Nikons or Canons you see in the windows of the Sony store. It’s really all about the idea BEHIND the camera. I was at a Photoshop/photography workshop one day this past summer, and our teacher told us a short story that really impacted how I think when I’m out shooting. It went along the lines of this:
“When I (my teacher, lets call her Mrs. Greg) was entertaining a group of clients at my home around spring last year, a stately woman approached me and started to compliment me on my work that was hanging in various places around the dining and living room. ‘what beautiful photos you create! You must have a fantastic camera!’ Of course I replied with the usual thank you very much, but I added a little something extra to our small talk. ‘You know, it’s really not the camera that created what you call this piece of art. Do you see that photo of the butterfly in a field of flowers? I personally think that is one of my best prints, and I shot that with a regular small digital camera!'”
    What Mrs. Greg was trying to say is that it really doesn’t matter all that much about the size, price, or brand of the camera you use. The person pressing that shutter ultimately decides what the finished product will turn out like. My photos turn out to be great (most of the time) and I use a simple Sony Bloggie (a regular, digital point and shoot) that I got discounted on Groupon.com . Of course, it’s always amazing to have a nice Canon or something of the like, but that wont define your photos, so to speak.
     I hope my first post helps all you aspiring photographers, keep shooting!!