You can tell winter is coming when you go outside to find a white sheen on your plants. This is frost. It can kill or stop the production of some plants, but others are hardy. When you see the first frost, I recommend harvesting lettuce:

lettucefrostAlso, harvest all fruiting plants and other non-hardy greens. (Hardy greens are things like kale and swiss chard. They tend to have thicker leaves.)

Some more pictures of plants with frost:

frostbed frostkale

Also, we have very tall pea plants in another part of the garden.

peaplant peas

See the peas on the right? We have been getting lots of these. A tip for harvesting peas: Don’t touch the plants when they are wet, like in the morning, or after it has rained. This stunts the plant’s growth. That’s how these got so tall! Also, peas need something to climb up, so we made a trellis out of string and PVC pipe. You can see it on the left.

And, remember the garlic we planted a few weeks ago? Well, it has sprouted!

garlicsproutSee the little green thing poking up? We have two of these now. Hopefully more will follow. Garlic is frost-hardy, so it will be OK for now.

Get back to you next week with more pictures!