Illustration Submitted by Mussie Rubin.

Illustration Submitted by Mussie Rubin.

Two shining flames
Tucked away, hidden
Among the musty walls
I remain
I stand
As the flames
Flicker and dance
I cradle my child
Gently in her ear
My dear child
When you grow up
Do not forget
To light these very candlesticks
Remember the Shabbos
My little one
You are a

14 years go by…..

A box
Brown tied with twine
Inside lies a secret
That can only be mine
I open it with trepidation
Inside among a tattered fabric
To my elation
Two tarnished candlesticks
Memories awash in my mind
Flames flickering
Somewhere dark and damp
Mama hugging me
Do not forget…
Do not forget…
And then
I steadily make my way
Out the airless attic
I grab a cloth
Shining the candlesticks
Hoping to reveal
More memories

10 years go by…..

The sun is setting
In the ruby coloured sky
I strike the match
Once, twice
A spark bursts forth
I circle my hands not once but thrice
Covering my eyes
Whispering a tefilla to ‘ה
The flames flicker and dance
As I stand
Arms around
My children
I smile
Thinking of my family
Mama would be proud

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.01.22 AMPoem Submitted By: Rivkale Pink

 Age: 13.5

 Solihull, West Midlands England