Hi everyone. I wanted to share one of my Israel experiences with you. Yesterday we visited Yad L’Yeled, a Holocaust museum geared especially for children (ages 10 and up). It was an incredible experience to see how much thought was put into making sure that the experience would connect to children. It wasn’t just exhibits to look at – the experience was the lighting, shapes, the sounds and childrens voices playing in the background, the materials the floor and walls were made of…You could peek into Jewish homes in the ghetto, walk on the train tracks that took Jews to the camps while watching videos of children getting on the train, feel like you’re in a forest while watching a video of a survivor talking about how he survived as a child hiding in the forest. Everything was focused on children – quotes from children about the times they were living through, survivors talking about their childhood, childrens’ drawings and belongings.

After the experience I was thinking what we’re supposed to take from such a museum. Of course we have to make sure that the world never forgets. But I think there are also more positive lessons we can take. One thing it made me appreciate is what an incredible time we’re living in. For our entire history, the Jewish people has been continually persecuted. We’re finally living in a time where not only is our country not against Judaism, but the government actually helps us practice Judaism! We don’t always appreciate the times we live in because it’s normal life for us.

The second point I took was how fast the entire world can change. It was only a few years that peoples lives were horrifically transformed. That was for evil, but for goodness the world can change just as fast, if not faster. We’re getting closer and closer to Moshiach, and we don’t even realize how fast things can improve.

These two ideas were on my mind while working on a new YALDAH Media, Inc. project called iBelieve! It’s a project to inspire each other in video format by sharing our belief in a better world, and what we’re doing to get there. Let’s keep in mind what a special time we’re living in, and the incredible power each of us hold to change the world.

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Leah :-)