She was the one among the whole

She stood strong, brave, and bold

Taken away from her Uncle Mordechai

She too will in the palace be the flame and soar high

Among the others she expressed her love and gratitude

Like an Eishes Chayil, a precious woman you can find that’s within you

She kept every mitzvah from head to toe

No one could stop her because she had a tough blow

Like a powerhouse among a hurricane-winded hose

Esther, don’t you see, you are the one to save us, and leap only to do good things soon

Where the sea will relax, the flowers will bloom, and the birds will sing like the season of spring in tune

A woman who always stands strong

Where nothing can stop us, because together we’ll crush the blues

And bring only good news

You are the one who understands us best

The one who will save us from this scary mess

Who’s very headstrong, who will help us come out of this alive

While Mordechai is grieving, tears flowing from his eyes

 You have to be the one to tell the king

You’ll get through this fire, and then you’ll joyfully bring a beautiful presence among the wings

Even though it may be fierce and you’ll be filled with fright

You must go to him before they strike

Go now, before it’s too late

You may have a higher chance than all of us to save the day

Now try to confront Haman and say to the king, how he’s dangerous and wants to destroy me and my people

Why? Because he’s evil

A threat to me, a threat to my people, a threat to the future that is among our generations to settle  

He will be punished harshly for sure, he will punished now, and hung on a gallows set high above

Destroyed now, he will never be able to return to Shushan, and the Jews can rest in peace and love

Wait, there’s something missing, Esther, you must fix the decree

She writes the second letter and confirms, sending to the one hundred and twenty-seven provinces

The realm of Ahasuerus, words of peace and we’ll be free

Now it’s been confirmed, Purim in its appointed time

As Mordechai the Jew and Esther the queen had enjoined them

And as they had ordained for themselves and for their seed, the matters of the fasts and their cry

Esther, you are the one made who made us all fly

Your heroism and actions showed us right

You are the champion throughout the entire Purim Story that together lit up our lives

  Now you can be the like Esther the queen

Who saved us all and also leaped through hard boundaries unforeseen