I dreamed of candles in the night
Candles, candles burning bright
These holy and so beautiful lights…
I woke up to the morning bright
It was Friday today
And our turn to light
I looked up at my still-asleep-Sister
And slowly reached out and kissed her.
I get out a bowl
And a cup of water
Washed my hands
Then said Shma and Modeh Ani
I fetched a dress
And brushed my very white teeth
Then said to my Sister
‘Simcha come play with me.’
Simcha rubbed her eyes, then nose then head
Slowly getting out of her warm and cozy bed
‘Simcha today is Friday
We must choose what to wear,
Do our hair and of course,
Tonight we light the Candles for the first ever time
Tonight instead of grape juice we get a
Sip of wine…’
We both were excited
More than ever
For we had never
lit the Candles:
I brushed and braided my hair
While Simcha left hers free and bare
We both scampered down each stair
Taking little jumps with extra care
We ate breakfast
And went to the shops
Taking little leaps and hops…
Ima found Challah with Simcha’s help
And me and Abah
Got wine, matches and a table cloth
Plus a chicken for Ima’s tasty broth

— Brocha Jacobs, Age 10
King David Primary School
Birmingham, England