I used to get up in the morning

Annoyed of facing the day

Dreading the challenges

That came my way

I would be shouting to others

Annoyed at the hardships

The pain, the fear

That I knew would come

I tried to learn

To understand

But the bitter taste of failure

Surrounded me

Celebrating my downfall

One day

I was really upset

And I wasn’t thinking

I had a terrible fall

I thought this was the end

For a moment

I didn’t know what to think

Three days later

I am able to walk

I am able to think

Then I realize

I have a purpose

Hashem allowed me to see

The importance of

Not giving up

When we are faced with difficulty

How do  I respond?

I am able to return

To Hashem, (G-d)

Once again

And thank Him

For the many opportunities, the darkness

He has given me

To grow, to realize

To embrace, to accept

I may have learned painfully

But the battle is the ultimate victory!