Hi, Readers! Sorry about the lack of posts last week. I was really busy and I couldn’t think of anything to post… :P

A few weeks ago, I saw that my basil was looking bad. So I decided that I had better salvage it while I could. I cut the stalks and put them in a magnetic clip, like this:dry basil

(This is actually the basil after it was dried, not before.)

I stuck the clip onto a metal strip near my grow light, since our fridge is stainless steel and not magnetic. I left it there until the leaves were crackly, then I took it down and put it in a cup. It actually turned out pretty well!

I also dried some of my thyme when I had to thin it a little. But since the sprouts were so small, I just put them on a paper towel, and they were dry in a few weeks, too!

Fun Fact: Thyme is good for stuffy noses! Try making a thyme tea or just sucking on a leaf. (This actually works. I tried it, and some European doctors actually prescribe it for colds!)

Also, this is what our baby garden plants look like now:

sprouts jungle


See how big the peas are (in the front)? It sort of reminds me of a fantasy jungle. But it’s still not warm enough to put them outside! The garden beds are still covered in snow, even though it was above freezing for four days straight.

Dry your herbs and I’ll post again next week!