Twins are a blessing. These twins were adorable and very well behaved.

For Pesach (Passover) I went to Lake George and I had a few photo shoots with different families. Two out of the 3 families had twins! Not just any twins- very cute and happy little children. I think I just may have enjoyed these photo shoots more than the kids, but I dunno.

Twins are really awesome to take photos of. Since they both have mischievous ideas, they can have the same daring expression on their faces for the picture, which adds a great twist to the photo.

For the 3rd photo, I told them to pretend they had a good trick up their sleeve, and the resulting picture is adorable. You could see the playful look in their eyes as Mendy, on the right, looks at Eli, on the left. Chana, their sister, was also a great poser, (is that a word?) and kept saying, “Take of me too!” I thought she could almost have her own twin also.

P.S. Sorry about the 2 week gap-hope you didn’t miss me too much. ;)


FOTW: A whopping 22% of twins are left handed! Unfortunately, I did not ask these twins whether they were right or left handed.